Hello First Coast Diversity Council Members,



Session #5 is just 3 weeks away – October 14, 2020. For this session, please RSVP in the form below. 


Please NOTE: This will be a 2-hour virtual session from 1:00pm – 3:00 (We will have a virtual Meet & Greet from 12:45-1:00pm for those interested/available.)



This year’s Theme is: Experience Inclusion: Applied Learning at A Deeper Level

Topic: Ableism – Using Language and Actions to Create Inclusion for All



Our Facilitator is Pat Wear of Wilson Resources, Inc.

Pat joined Wilson Resources, Inc. in 2008 following a distinguished career in both the public and private sectors. Pat is a former State Commissioner for Mental Health, director of a federal court-appointed panel which oversaw the successful closure of a state institution and the transition of hundreds of individuals with disabilities to their home communities, a staff member of a protection and advocacy agency (FL), and an agency executive multiple times. Pat was WRI’s director of Working with Business to Increase Employment Opportunities of Individuals with Disabilities, aimed at educating Florida companies on Intro to Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace and the ADAAA.

Our program will focus on:

  • The role language and actions plays for building a disability-inclusive workplace
  • The building a welcoming and inclusive environment for people with disabilities
  • Skills, tools and resources available to maximize the success of people with disabilities